Savanoris Liudas: „Iš „Vaikų linijos“ gaunu pamokas, kaip suprasti save ir kitą, kaip džiaugtis savo gyvenimu ir kitam padėti džiaugtis savuoju. Patiriu jausmą, kad darau prasmingus darbus ir kad kažkam padedu užaugti Žmogumi.“




The fundamental goal of this campaign (earlier called "Stop bullying") initiated by “Child Line” in 2004 is prevention of bullying and violence. The campaign is targeted at creating safer environment in schools and kindergardens, but not that only, it aims to secure safer life for adults by focusing on the significance of this problem and the need to raise public awareness. The website of the campaign is www.bepatyciu.lt.


Major goals of the campaign WITHOUT BULLYING:

  • To initiate educational activities and create material aimed at school staff, students and parents;
  • To raise the awareness of the society towards bullying (social campaigns, etc.);
  • To cooperate with foreign partners and initiatives adapting effective practice of bullying prevention in Lithuania;
  • To bring bullying issue to public agenda;
  • To change the favorable attitude and myths of the society towards bullying and form an unfavorable attitude (initiatives - Awareness Month WITHOUT BULLYING, earlier – national "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING".


More information: https://www.facebook.com/bepatyciu/; Youtube channel


If you want to become a partner of the "Awareness Raising Month WITHOUT BULLYING" or find out more information about campaign "WITHOUT BULLYING" please visit website www.bepatyciu.lt


If you want to be a sponsor ready to provide services or donate funds for raising the awareness about bullying call us + 370 647 16810 or write an email sarune@vaikulinija.lt!