Savanorė Milda: „Kiekvienas pokalbis su vaiku yra unikalus. Pokalbiai apie vaikų sunkumus, kuriuose įsiklausoma bei sukuriamas pasitikėjimas, dažnai tirpdo vaiko baimes ir liūdesį, o skambučiai apie smagius dalykus dvigubina džiugesį.“


Project "Safer Internet". In July 2011 "Vaikų linija" joined the project "Safer Internet" which has been implemented in Lithuania since 2005 in compliance with the EC programme.

In 2012-2014 project "Safer Internet LT SIC II" is being implemented by 4 partners:


The functions of "Vaikų linija" within the framework of this project:

  • to provide support service for children and teenagers by answering online questions and telephone calls from children related to their use of online technologies, particulary in relation to harmful contact (grooming), harmful conduct (cyberbullying), harmful content and uncomfortable or scary experiences in using online technologies.
  • to consult parents on-line on the issues of child safety on internet.